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Vacuum is large music venue which is promoting electronic music, holding events every night featuring top of the line underground artists from around the world as well as locals. 


That is something we as a human race often forget about. All the wars we engage in for more money and power is only pulling us apart. We feed on negative energy as a whole in almost everyday of our lives. And when this negative energy gathers around us, we will only react how we will; violently, angrily, without thought. To explain this further, we as human beings are connected, but at the same time disconnected from each other. Everything that defines oneness comes from all our beliefs. One is the mathematical representation of our universe being a whole, of our confidence, our systemof influences.


The brand is initiated to start a movement of natural apparel with an essence of wildlife, plants, atmosphere in spiritual, abstract, geometric, and influential means. AllOne wants to relate the low-context and high-context cultures to form a merging idea of being a single entity throuvgh life and nature. In other words, AllOne values in bringing everything together that was meant to just be one.

allOne is meant to spread the message of unity and the importance of oneness. We want to create a connection  of human(s) to human(s), human to nature, and human to universe. By integrating positive influences and concepts, AllOne will reach its desired goal of spreading awareness. It will also emphasize clothing that can be worn over and over again; designed to be environmentally friendly and created to lead a posittive impact on future generations.

all is one . one is all

Organic cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of the cotton plants of the genus Gossypium in the family of Malvaceae. The fiber is almost pure cellulose. The fiber is most often spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable textile.




   Low Maintenance


   Retains Shape

Bamboo textiles are cloth, yarn, and clothing made out of bamboo fibres. Modern bamboo clothing is clothing made from either 100% bamboo yarn or a blend of bamboo and cotton yarn. The bamboo yarn can also be blended with other textile fibres such as hemp or even spandex.



   Soft Texture



   UV Protective

Hemp fiber has been used extensively throughout history, with production climaxing soon after being introduced to the New World. Items ranging from rope, to fabrics, to industrial materials were made from hemp fiber. Today, a modest hemp fabric industry is used in clothing.






   Soft Texture